Sony PlayStation Now: On The Verge Of Becoming Obsolete After PS4

Sony PlayStation Now

Remember the good old days when video gaming and Sony PlayStation were synonyms? Fast forward a few years and Sony PS’s PlayStation Now subscription is on the verge of becoming a total failure in gaming fraternity. Main reason for Sony PlayStation Now not doing well is that its competitors are offering not only better offers but inclusivity of exclusive games.

On the other hand, Sony is also moving in a direction that is not going to fit its subscription service in the long run, which translates that Sony PlayStation Now may not survive after the

PS4 generation.


What went wrong with It?

Even when Sony PlayStation Now offers a wide range of games from PS4 and previous PS generations that can be played easily on both PS4 console and PC, subscription charges are also reduced to $60 for a full year which could have encouraged gamers to part with this service but no. Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass was included in the latest release of its repertoire of playable games which inspired Xbox players to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass. Sony PlayStation Now is yet to come up with any such offers.

Sony did release some new games as part of their subscription service, PlayStation Now, Like “God of War,” “Uncharted 4,” and “Infamous: Second Son.” But these games were released a bit too late as gamers had already finished the famous titles following their release and it could not lure in subscriptions.


Now what?

There is still hope for Sony to make it right and help PlayStation Now to survive until the new PS5 is released in 2020. Sony must offer its new releases and exclusives as part of the PlayStation Now subscription. It should be continued till the launch of the PS5 in 2020 to steadily rebuilt the trust.

As of now all we can do as gamers and fans of Sony is to wait throughout the whole 2020 to see if PlayStation Now will continue to the next generation or it is going to become absolute.

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