Will Apple ditch the port for iPhone 12? Find details

Apple port iPhone 12

Will Apple ditch the port altogether for its iPhone 12? Rumours are gaining a lot of momentum and if Tech analyst Jon Prosser is anything to go by Apple might not be having any port of iPhone 12. He has said that the phone will not have USB Type-C port and will go completely portless.

“I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but no — there’s absolutely not USB-C in iPhone 12. Apple will go portless before they go USB-C,” he said in a tweet.

Well, this will not be the first instance when we are hearing that Apple will get rid of the port completely. The company has already ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack on its smartphones earlier. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had predicted earlier this year that the company will expunge the ports in 2021 models. He added that a portless iPhone will allow the company to fit a bigger battery and it can also work on improving elements which include water resistance.

It should also be mentioned here that Apple has been changing the charging configuration for a while now. First, it introduced wireless charging and also added support for accessories which include AirPods Pro. With iPhone 11, the company went a step further and introduced USB Type-C to Lightning connector.

There are also reports which suggest Apple is also working on AirPower. This rare canceled Apple product will be rolled out later this year. In one of earlier Tweets, Prosser said that renewed interest in AirPower will help Apple is just the way the company is thinking right now and it could be a precursor to portless iPhones.

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