Xiaomi teases new Mi Mix phone, tablet launch for this year

Mi Mix phone

There are reports that Xiaomi will soon be updating its Mi Mix line of premium smartphones this year. As of now, we have not been able to see a Mi Mix model ever since the company released its Mi Mix 3 5G back in 2019. However, this time Xiaomi has dropped hints that the Mi Mix 4 might be arriving soon. 

It was teased by Redmi General Manager and Xiaomi executive Lu Weibing when he asked on Weibo if users are looking forward to Mi Mix series or not. He stopped short of giving too many details, he did give a teaser of a new Mi Mix device as a part of a promotion for CEO Lei Jun’s fan Q&A session on Weibo.

The teaser (which has been dropped via Android Authority) gives a glimpse of the silhouette of the device along with the Mi Mix branding on top. As of now, there is no official word on the specs of the handset, features, design or pricing. However, we can safely assume that the handset will not draw inspiration by the recent ‘portless’ concept phone with a quad waterfall display.

The new Mi Mix device might well come with an under-display selfie camera as Xiaomi has already demoed this tech back in 2019. The company also has a history of implementing the selfie camera in different ways in its Mi Mix devices. 

If we speak about the original Mi Mix and Mi Mix 2, the company placed the selfie camera in the lower right corner of the screen. Now, in Mi Mix 3, the selfie cameras were hidden behind the slider screen. On the Mi Mix Alpha concept, the selfie camera was not present.

The company has also teased a new tablet which is slated to come this year. 

Weibing was also asked to drop suggestions regarding tablets, where he said that the company may soon launch the device.

However, once again, he did not give much details. However, if one recall, the company’s last was 2018’s Mi Pad 4 Plus, which was powered by the Snapdragon 660 chipset and came with a massive 8,620mAh battery. 

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