Battlefield V is Now Available Worldwide

Redwood City: From jumping into a Panzer tank and piloting a Spitfire in the skies to supplying squad mates and building new fortifications to protect your team, this is World War 2 like only Battlefield can do.

Battlefield V, the highly anticipated new game in this award-winning franchise, was released by DICE, Electronic Arts Inc. studio. During the early access periods, the game has driven the record subscriptions for PC players on Origin Access Premier and Origin Access Basic. Battlefield V has also seen global critical acclaim with Screen Rant calling it “the best shooter of 2018” and claiming “the king of FPS is back.”

“With Battlefield V we set out to build the best playing game in the franchise’s history. Few other games are able to provide the kind of amazing and unscripted moments you experience in Battlefield, like pulling off crazy stunts in a plane while flying through a blown-up bridge as tanks and soldiers battle it out on the ground. The team here at DICE can’t wait to see what Battlefield V becomes in the hands of our community,” said Oskar Gabrielson, GM at DICE.

“We have also set out to create a game that will grow and evolve over time, and we’re going to keep tinkering with the game play and provide new experiences to our community for a long time to come,” he added.

Battlefield V gives fans the chance to play the untold stories and visit the unexpected locations of WW2. In multiplayer, DICE builds upon the deepest and most immersive Battlefield experiences yet with massive game play changes and the development of new core systems. Whether it’s on foot, driving one of the many different armored vehicles, or drifting swiftly in an aircraft, squad up with three others to play the objectives in any given mode and choose between the recon, assault, medic, or support class for whatever the team needs most. Players can prepare for battle across the eight maps and eight multiplayer modes and learn more about the game’s new innovations by visiting the Boot Camp.

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