Call of Duty Mobile Gun Game is live: Decoding how to play the game, all the rules

Call of Duty live play

Call of Duty: Mobile has finally introduced its new “Gun Game” mode. This new mode is available for a limited period of time. In this mode, the players have to compete solo and aim to be the first one to kill other players with each weapon.

Also, there is a particular time limit of 10 minutes to complete the game. The top three players which have the highest kills will be declared victorious.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s new Gun mode is part of the new multiplayer mode. As per this mode, a total of eight players compete in the game. There are interactive features like maps, crash, and Nuketown.

Call of Duty: Mobile Gun mode tips

Tip 1: We suggest you play in the mode while wearing headphones as it will make you ready for incoming players in a better way.

Tip 2: Also, it will help you keep a tab of radar map which will also show the live location of other players.

Tip 3: Always be aware of the map as it will help you locate the right spot to aim and shoot.

Tip 4: Most of the available weapons have good range, but then, we suggest you get as close to the target when you are using By15 maple leaves gun.

Tip 4: Mobility is one of the biggest assets here and hence, you can be faster when you’re using a pistol and knife (last three weapons). Always, be vigilant when in and around the target and be quick with the kill as well.

Now, here is a hack for you – Always pay close attention and you will know where most of the players are. We suggest you camp at a spot which is closer to the new players and then shoot them.


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