Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 rolls out with Ranked Series 8

Call of Duty Mobile Season 13

Call of Duty Mobile has recently introduced a number of new updates for the users. The Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 brings a range of new features as well as improvements and Winter-themed content and interface. The updates include a new base weapon, new Operator, new Scorestreak, new map, and Raid – Holiday. 

There are new epic blueprints – these include Peacekeeper MK2 – Blast Off, Man-O-War – Pack Leader, RUS-79U – Troika, BY15 – Top Dog, GKS – Pack Warrior. 

Apart from this, there are also new epic soldiers that are Ghost – Dark Vision, Golem – Siberia, Adler – Mountain Drab, and Park – Safehouse. And, it will also have a new legendary Calling Card: Loose Ends.

There are new highlights of new free battle pass rewards and it has a Peacekeeper MK2 which has a fully automatic assault rifle that comes with superior handling and high rate of fire. As per developer, the rifle has “unimaginable flexibilities” and it can be adapted and adjusted to a number of different scenarios using the Gunsmith system.

As per the latest update, there is also the Ranked Series 8. The new series will be available until February 9, 2021. During the ranked mode, users will be able to grab new epic blueprint called Fennec – Midnight and the new epic operator called Reznov – Winterwood.

There is a new multiplayer mode which will be called Grind.

“Confirm kills by picking up dog tags from fallen players and transport them to set locations around the map. Get taken out along the way and you’ll drop all of your collected tags, so keep your head on a swivel as you race to bank your points,” said developers in a post.

This latest season will also see the comeback of two popular multiplayer maps – Nuketown and Raid, both decked out for winter with snowfall. They were first seen in Black Ops 4, Nuketown Russia brings the gameplay to Russia’s snowy Chernobyl. 

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