Call of Duty: Mobile zombie mode rolls in India

Call of Duty: Mobile has started releasing its new update on November 23, 2019. The new update is arriving a little later for players in India. Call of Duty: Mobile gets a new season, the much-awaited zombie mode, battle pass and more with the latest update.

Call of Duty: Mobile is rolling out a new zombie map called ‘Shi No Numa’ with the latest update. With this latest mode, players will start out with the basic gun and kill zombies to earn points. These points will then help players acquire better weapons and perks. Also, there’s raid mode where players can get point sources on unlimited zombie attack waves.

Not only this, Call of Duty: Mobile will also have an Easter Egg in zombie mode. Those who complete zombie mode will get a special reward.

Apart from this, COD Mobile is also getting a new character and we will now see the introduction of Alex Mason who is the main character of COD: Black Ops. Also, COD: Mobile will see the introduction of a new lightweight and compact CQB Modern weapons series which is equipped for close combat.

This new season in COD Mobile is perfectly in alignment with the holiday season. The different players can claim unlimited airborne season rewards as well access to winter skin themes. COD Mobile season 1 ranking will decrease when moving to season.

It needs to be mentioned here that COD Mobile is also expected to bring controller support soon. If the recent leaked patches are anything to go by, there are controller support for COD Mobile. Not only this, COD Mobile will also extend support to PS4 and Xbox controllers which players can use in battle. However, as things stand right now, there is no confirmation on when controller support will be launched for COD Mobile.

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