Cyberpunk 2077: What do we know about this Keanu Reeves’ starring game

Cyberpunk 2077 What do we know about this Keanu Reeves' starring game

Cyberpunk 2077, a game which has been developed by CD Projekt Red, could be the most anticipated game this year. Although the title has been delayed more than just once, it has still managed to keep the fans excited for quite some time. 

Now, fans knew that this game was coming to the market at some point and the excitement went through the roof when Hollywood star Keanu Reeves showed up on stage at E3 2019 conference and declared himself to be one of the characters in the game. Now, this is not the only thing that has interested the fans, here are few things to know about Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 storyline and setup

CyberPunk 2077 is all set to be a first-person RPG which will be set in a metropolis called Night City in the year, 2077. Has everything intertwined and this includes everything from drugs to social politics, violence, and much more. 

Now, you can play as either gender in the game and whoever fights better lives on and climbs up the ladder and well, you will thus have a better life to live. All along the way, the corporate giants and street gangs do the best to knock you down. 

It should be mentioned here that the city will be infested with a drug called ‘braindance’ which allows people to experience the emotions of someone else for a few hours. What this means is that people can be rich, successful, and popular in their preferred gender and then even live their lives for a few hours – all as if it were real life. 

It has already been confirmed that CYberPunk 2077 will have multiple endings and this will be based on the gameplay and possibly, what you chose to do in the game. The details of the same are not yet known. 

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