Epic Games introduces Unreal Engine 4.26 with new features, improvements

Epic Games

Epic Games on Monday have announced the launch of Unreal Engine 4.26. The new version of the real-time 3D creation platform has set aims to assist developers in developing life-like environments as well as characters for video games, films, training, and simulation.

This latest version of Unreal Engine brings a new Volumetric Cloud component and this will help improve the quality of both realistic and stylised skies, clouds, as well as several other atmospheric effects. The company has also said that this new component will allow in real-time to reflect time-of-day changes. 

Apart from this, there is also a new Environment Lighting Mixer window that enables all components which affect atmosphere lighting to be present in one place. Also, there is a new Water system which will help artists better realise oceans, lakes, rivers, and islands using splines.

“Users will see significant usability and performance improvements in the Collaborative Viewer template that enables multi-user design reviews on VR/AR/Desktop, both enhancing the collaborative design review process and allowing more users to join a session. In addition, there’s now support for voice communication between participants over VOIP using in-engine peer-to-peer protocols,” said Epic Games in a post.

Unreal Engine’s 4.26 version looks to enhance high-quality media output using new features. The updated Movie Render Queue will allow output render passes including matte IDs, camera motion vectors, Z-depth, ambient occlusion, reflections, and more. 

The 4.26 version also extends support to multi-channel EXRs, Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHR codecs, as well as Final Cut Pro XML EDLs. It will also have the ability to integrate render farms.

Under this new version, it also offers improvements to the Chaos physics tool, ray tracing, new GPU Lightmass, as well as a new Virtual Camera system which is enhanced DMX support, and new Datasmith exporter plugins for Rhino and Naviworks. 

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