There were rumors about Pubg ban in India, and now it’s happened. India on Wednesday announced a ban on 118 Chinese apps, including Pubg which was very popular among people and specially kids in India. Well, there might surely be reason for the app being banned and a few educated guesses are often made on what happens next. Still, social media isn’t happy in the least. In less than an hour of the Centre’s order to ban the popular gaming app, people flooded the social media as they expressed sadness and anger over the ban.

With Pubg banned in India, the youth is surely not happy with the decision of Government and social media is full of sadness now.  Many on Twitter and almost every social media also wondered if Pubg even qualified as a Chinese app to be banned.

Here is quick summary of the small print around Pubg ban in India.

According to App Annie that monitors the use of mobile apps, Pubg has over 50 million users in India of which on the brink of 35 million are active users.

Another reason people are guessing is that Pubg ban in India is due to connection from China though it is not a Chinese app. This is very first thing you would like to understand.

India has banned the Pubg Mobile due to its Chinese connection and since India and China are currently in middle of border dispute China is trying to encroach on Indian Territory in Ladakh. India is hitting back by banning use of Chinese apps within the country.  Earlier government had banned variety of apps, including TikTok. Now, there are extra 118 apps including Pubg ban in India.

What is getting to happen within the case of Pubg ban in India goes to be story almost like what went on to TikTok. Within the next few hours, or each day approximately, when Apple and Google receive government notification, they’re going to remove Pubg from their app stores for Indian users. People who have already installed Pubg will still have the app on their phones, but it’s going to not work because telecom companies like Jio and Airtel will block the Pubg connection as soon as they receive notice from the government.

Now the most relevant question for now is that: Is Pubg banned forever or will it come back? As for Pubg Mobile allowed in India again, it’s not getting to happen anytime soon. This is often because the ban is direct results of India’s struggle against Chinese aggression on border and until that’s not resolved, India is unlikely to permit the utilization.

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