FAU-G game launches on Android phones: First impressions


Months after dropping its teaser and giving fans a glimpse of what they might offer, Fearless and United Guards (or FAU-G) has finally made it to Android smartphones. Touted to be the claimed as a successor to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), this new game is developed by nCORE Games that is owned by Vishal Gondal (who also heads GOQII). However, there is no confirmation when FAU-G will be arriving on iOS.

We have been playing this since the past couple of hours and now, it has been mentioned that although it was pitched against PUBG, which is a battle royale game, FAU-G is based on a storyline theme. 

As soon as it was installed, users are shown a familiar homepage with the soldier (Commander Dhillon) standing at the centre and all the other options for Loadouts, Settings, Store and Purchases showing on all the four corners. 

Now, you can jump into the game once you are done with a short and basic tutorial that teaches you how to move around. Also, you will be able to restore health by sitting at a fireplace and how to attack/defend yourself in combat.

As things stand right now, FAU-G is only giving the option to play a ‘Campaign’ titled ‘Tales from The Galwan Valley’ with ‘Team Deathmatch’ and ‘Free for All’ coming soon. We cannot say for sure when these will be made available. The ‘Team Deathmatch’ can have 10 players in total with 5 on each side.

It should be mentioned here that in ‘Tales from The Galwan Valley’ is based on a checkpoint timer system wherein you have to fight the enemies to reach each one of them. Apart from this, there is also a timer on the top right corner before which you have to cover all the checkpoints. 

You will also opt for a fistfight, but the damage is less, or you can simply walk over the melee weapon dropped by the enemy once eliminated to use it against others. Once, this checkpoint gets covered, the number of enemies increase.

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