Goa may soon ban PUBG

The popular online multiplayer game has been making headlines ever since it was released.

It looks like talks about the popular game PUBG are not going to die anytime soon. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi surprised students by mentioning the game at an event that was being held to prep students for their upcoming examinations, Rohan Khaunte, Goa’s Information Technology minister has demanded a law in the state to curb the game.

The minister said that the state needed a law so that the online multiplayer game, also known as, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds can be banned.

Addressing the media at a recently held event in Porvorim, Khaunte said that the online game was a “demon” which has spread to every house and that students all over the country have been neglecting their studies so that they can give time to playing the multiplayer game.

“I am not aware of states banning PUBG but some law has to be made to ensure there is a restriction on it in Goa,” news agency PTI quoted Khaunte as saying. He added that the Chief Minister of the state Manohar Parrikar should take a call on such a ban.

“PUBG has become a demon in every house. Students, instead of studying, are engrossed in playing PUBG,” he was quoted as saying.

Goa is not the only state which seems to have issues with the popular game. Earlier in January, the state education department of Gujarat had also issued a circular which had directed the state’s primary education officers to take necessary steps so that a ban can be enforced on the game in primary schools.

The game is currently one of the best sellers in the online gaming market. It has been developed by a South Korean firm. The company had recently introduced a lighter version of the game called PUBG lite which can be run on laptops and personal computers having older configurations.

The game has been making headlines ever since it was released. Last week, an Indian couple who had met through PUBG had made headlines after they decided to marry each other and share this news on social media.

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