Paytm First Games announces events to support developers: Details

Paytm First Games

Paytm, the popular payment app of India has been making its presence felt in the gaming segment. The company’s Paytm First Games (PFG) also announced that they will be providing a launchpad to indigenous developers as well as design studios in order to promote their games which will be focused on Indian culture and folk tales. 

Now, as per the firm, this game will also provide an opportunity to studios for building titles and will promote gamified learning on Indian heritage, mythology as well as sporting history.

The company also says that they will be organising a series of events and hackathons which will identify young developers and will also allow them to curate games that can be successful across all user segments. 

The firm will ask the developers with technology solutions and mentor them in order to make games more interactive, seamless as well as well-designed. As a part of it, Paytm will also be promoting these games on the app as well as the market to its 80 million gamer base. As per the public announcement, it has also set aside ₹10 crore fund for this initiative.

“Our country has the potential to revolutionize the digital gaming arena with innovative designs, technology, and talent. We believe it’s the time to lead the digital gaming sector with Made in India games that becomes a global runaway success. Being a homegrown company we want to play our part in enabling India’s gaming ecosystem. Our goal is to support over 200 talented developers, who may not have access to resources comparable to that of big studios,” said Sudhanshu Gupta, COO Paytm First Games.

The app store is looking to support Indian developers in order to bolster their innovation and it will help them to take their innovative products to the masses without paying any extra fees. Also, this move will be taken in order to create Google Play Store’s rival platform. 

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