PUBG Mobile 0.15 update: Halloween items, new Payload mode and plenty of excitement

PUBG 0.15

PUBG Mobile 0.15 update was launched globally on October 15. The new PUBG Mobile update comes packed with amazing features, improvements and more importantly, it is also loaded with Halloween goodies.

Now, as is the norm with every update, PUBG Mobile servers will be taken down for maintenance before the official rollout takes place.

Here in this article, we take a look at a few highlights of this new update:

Payload Mode

In this latest update, there will be features like recall system. There is the ‘Teammate Recall’ which lets players pick up dead team members’ ID cards and then proceed to revive them at the Communication Tower.

The different weapons available at Payload Mode are RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 Grenade Launcher and M134 Minigun. Not only this, players will also be able to find helicopters and then use them in battle.

Survive Till Dawn – Halloween Mode

PUBG Mobile’s ‘Survive Till Dawn’ will come out with a proper Halloween makeover. There will be ‘Halloweenized’ monsters for players to engage with. Also, this zombie mode will also get a wholesome modification which and there will be modified skybox, colours and background objects.

Weapon and vehicle

As per this update, there is a new weapon called ‘Desert Eagle’ which will be available in all maps. Now, be prepared to be enthralled as this weapon will have all the highest damage and muzzle velocity of all pistols.

Not only this, there is also a new vehicle addition – BRDM-2 Amphibious Armoured Vehicle. Both these will be well equipped with water and will have bulletproof tires.

As far as the other updates are concerned, players will be able to climb between buildings and containers and also jump in mid-air. And well, there are graffities in store and players can leave their mark all over.

How excited are you? Get ready to be absolutely blown away!


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