PUBG MOBILE 0.16.0 update released: Read about the interesting features

There is yet another update for PUBG MOBILE. As per this new one, the game will see a whole host of new features and gameplay modes which is sure to keep the users entertained for the upcoming festive season. This update, which is being called 0.16.0, will be rolled out to all players on both Android and iOS devices. Also, it will need an additional 0.6GB space on your device, so free up all the junk if you want to dive into this immersive experience.

This aforementioned update has been doing the rounds for a while now and the biggest talking point about it is the new RageGear mode. It was previously known as the Death Race mode and it brings vehicular battle to PUBG in a classic car race format. Also, one can enjoy snow in Classic Mode matches hosted in Erangel. You will also get to see a couple of minute additions to the game with this update.

Snow Paradise in Erangel:

The Erangel map, under the Classic mode matches, will feature the Snow Paradise area. This new area will entirely be covered with snowy mountains which will force players to ride on cable cars to reach the mountain tops. Also, they can try the different freestyle snowboarding in the snowy region. The cool part about all this is that while you are snowboarding, you can also eliminate your enemies.

Perspective Switching:

This one is a new button which allows players to toggle between the first-person mode and third-person mode while playing. Hence, it will allow the user to go in any Classic, Arcade and Training Ground match, and can change the view from first-person to third-person.

Also, players will have their own weapon load-outs in EvoGround matches. Under this, there is also continuous healing in the Classic Mode matches which allows players to heal while on the move.


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