PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret Mode with pyramids showcased in video


There is good news in store for PUBG Mobile users as they are about to get a new mode next week where they will be able to play in a new location inside Miramar Map. This Ancient Secret event, which has also been teased by the PUBG Mobile social media handles. It will be rolled out on August 4 and is expected to be the same as Halloween Mode or the Anniversary Celebration Mode.

Now, what will you get in PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret?

Here you will encounter some new pyramids tombs. Now, players will have to solve some puzzles in if they want to massive loots. The puzzle unlocks the boss battle as well. You have to now defeat the ‘Boss’ and now, you will get access to level-3 loot. This, however, will not be an ‘endless’ affair. Also, players will get a timer that denotes the point at which the pyramids will start floating around in the air. 

One can see a video by YouTube channel ‘Powerbang Gaming’, and as per the description of the ‘new’ Miramar map: “Follow the footsteps of the Pharoah to solve the mysteries of the temple and the Ancient Secret.” 

Also, there are three pyramids which can be seen in the map and will be named Minas Cenerales, Hacienda del Patron and La Cobreria. Once you have aced the boss battle, you can jump down after which the parachute opens up in mid-air for safe landing.

Now, even when finish all three boss battles, it is not for sure if something will definitely happen. There are also reports that there might be few new crates which matches with the Ancient Secret theme. It may also include Golden Pharaoh X-Suit set and mask and they can be upgraded. 

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