PUBG Mobile Retro Arcade Festival: This is how to play arcade games

PUBG Mobile Retro Arcade Festival

PUBG Mobile is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with by going Retro as it has brought back the ‘Retro Arcade Festival’ where users can play 80s and 90s arcade games.

Now, this Retro Arcade Festival has two popular arcade games – Hunt Game and Space Wars. In this, the players can locate the arcade entrance to play these games in the lobby and then there is the in-game, where players can play in the classic mode. Players who enter the Retro Arcade Festival through the lobby can play these games using the ‘Arcade Coins’. The players who get access through the classic mode will require game tokens.

Players can get Arcade Coins in the event center and the tokens can be availed during the battle. Game tokens will be redundant at the end of the match.

Here is how it works

Players will have to collect points from each arcade game they play. All of these points can then be redeemed to pick up random rewards. There are also arcade games which are played during the battle and all these games can get the players points and puzzle pieces. One needs around 10 puzzle pieces which will be required to complete the puzzle in the lobby.

How could one collect the rewards

All these players will collect these rewards on playing the arcade games.

Circus – M249 (permanent), Circus – P91 (permanent), Brawler Initiate cover (permanent), Brawler Initiate outfit (permanent)

There are top 300 players which are ranked on points – Premium Crate Lottery Coupons or Classic Crate Lottery Coupons

Lobby Puzzle reward: The player can collect an anniversary-exclusive title – ‘2gether We Play’

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