CMO Pekka Rantala Explained How He Rebuilt Nokia As Brand


New Delhi: Once truly ruled over the Indian phone market with having 70% market share in 2008 and witnessed a mobile revolution in the country, Nokia re-launched itself after a gap of 8 years.

But after almost 10 years, the mobile phone market has been drastically changed. Last year the company made big waves on the global stage and in 2018 it expanded its product line across various price points.

Pekka Rantala, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at HMD Global, who visited India, discussed the company’s fledgling Smartphone business.

Rantala said that the first 6 months we were just going around the world — including India — and meeting great customers.

Rantala explained that while everyone obviously recognized the Nokia brand, some people were less than enthusiastic at the prospect of a comeback.

Did you face doubts about reintroducing Nokia as a brand?

“Some of them, of course, [had] their comments that is that a little bit like yesterday’s brand and how much dust is there on the brand,” he said. How Nokia rebuild confidence?

“So there was a lot confidence of building that we had to do in those early days. And probably we have been doing that confidence building during the first and second years also,” he claimed.

“So, as you may have already heard before, only after the first year we were running the business in 100 countries and during the second year, we have still expanded the business in a couple of new countries,” he continues. “But it has been more of going deeper in each of these countries and widening the distribution [and] opening new partnerships,” he added.

How was the experience of the second innings?

“We have [now] been able now to expand the distribution. We have multiple partners in many markets and this second year also has been a year off, perhaps, maturing the portfolio,” Rantala said.

“During this year alone we brought more than 10 Smartphones to the market and right now where we stand is that that I truly believe that we do have a portfolio of Nokia Android Smartphones where almost — and I’m underlining almost — every consumer out there, and also every Indian consumer out there, can find their own Nokia phone that they can rely on,” he added.


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