Globizs Web Solutions: How this Manipur man went against all odds and launched his own startup

“I used to frequently travel to Mumbai from Imphal for my parents’ treatment in Tata Hospital. My mother passed away in 2005 and I lost my father in 2007. From then on, my life completely changed. I was left with a huge debt of Rs 40 lakh and three siblings to take care of. For the next five years, I and my wife worked hard and paid off the debt. It was only after that I got the first success in my entrepreneurship journey,” says Roshnikumar Yambem, the founder of Globizs Web Solutions.

For Mr. Yambem, the struggle was not just limited to his personal grief and debt. The lack of infrastructural facilities in Manipur and surrounding areas also made his task harder. However, all these challenges could not break his robust spirit. After graduating in Computer Science and Engineering from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, in 2004, his plans of moving to the US and finding a job in Silicon Valley could not be materialized. Mr. Yambem, being the eldest of the four siblings, had to take care of his ailing parents who were diagnosed with cancer.

With no IT industry jobs in Manipur, he had to work as a freelance website designer. Meanwhile, the financial burden kept on increasing. But, even with all this, he launched Globizs Web Solutions and started working to make it a success. He got his first major break in 2014 when Mr. Jugesh Mangi seed-funded the company and joined as a co-director. From then onwards, there was no looking back for Mr. Yambem.

“Unlike the ordinary Biometric devices, our product ‘peakHR’ is an IoT based Biometric Attendance System where the owner or the HR manager of a small business enterprise gets the real-time attendance report through their mobile. The biometric device sends the data to the cloud through the inbuilt GPRS module and the data are accessed through SaaS Software & Mobile App,” he says.

Talking about the relevance of his product, he adds that their mission is to “raise the productivity of Small and Medium Enterprises.” Mr. Yambem believes that his product has a huge potential because of the large number of SMEs operating in India. “Since India is a home to 6 crore SMEs, our products will have a special place in the Indian market,” he asserts. In a course of 5 years, Globizs has grown exponentially and, today, has a team of 46 employees in Imphal. The company has sold its product to more than 300 clients in Manipur alone.

Mr. Yambem now aims to spread its client base to more than 500 cities and towns of India in the next two years. Moving forward, he aspires to take his product on an international level within three years. Coming from the North East of India, a region with no entrepreneurship ecosystem, infrastructural issues and poor access to the mainland, Mr. Yambem managed to start from the scratch, create a unique product, and set up his own company because of his strong determination.

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