Great time for women to be chasing their dreams: RentnApp Founder Ritu Garg

For Ritu Garg, her 25-year-long career has come with a myriad of lessons and experiences. She has worked in India as well as abroad, including Europe and America. While talking to The Digital Buyer, she said that she was fortunate to have not come across anyone who had any inhibitions of working with women. For Ritu, this is a positive development which shows that it is not shocking to see a woman entrepreneur for people.

“Women have broken the glass ceiling to some extent as dealing with women entrepreneurs is not shocking anymore. When women, and Indian women, in particular, are excelling in every field, be it sports, defense, space missions, adventure missions or corporate world, I would say that it’s definitely a great time for women to be chasing their dreams. Don’t let anyone pull you down. Follow your heart and you definitely have the power to achieve anything you set your eyes on,” she says.

As an entrepreneur, she has now come up with an innovative concept to help the small businesses in realizing their dream of having their own mobile application. RentnApp has been planned as a concept which will help anyone to procure a mobile application on a fixed monthly rent. This way, the businesses or individuals do not have to pay a hefty amount in a single installment for developing a new application for themselves. Instead, they can pay a small amount every month while getting all the necessary services.

Talking about the benefits of RentnApp, Ritu says: “This saves businesses the effort of setting up a tech team, hiring the right skills and setting the infrastructure to enable it. Using our model as a managed service, they save on the effort and significant capital costs involved. At the same time, it also provides them an accelerated time to market propelling their business.” She also states that the response of the market has been very positive and looking at the high costs involved in developing a mobile application in European and North American countries, she hopes to expand the business model around the world.

The mobile application has, today, become an integral part of any business setup because of the reach of mobile phones and the internet. In India, mobile internet is spreading at a fast pace and there is still a large population which is expected to begin using smartphones and mobile internet in the coming years. This is a promising trend which shows that small and large businesses might want to build an application so as to reach as many customers as possible.

“Businesses can also use and build mobile applications for internal processes, be it sales, order management, tracking, etc., which can be used by employees in the office and ‘on the go’. Senior management can get the apps for their specific uses, e.g., getting a summary of their outstanding balances at any point, financial summary, etc.,” she adds.

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