The Ultimate Data Extraction Tool: MyDataGator

MyDataGator - Dheeraj Dutta

Size matters! Especially in the business of lead generation and sales.

Infimedia has launched MyDataGator data extraction software which is the best user friendly data extraction tool that helps in extracting genuine and authentic data based on keywords and locations. You simply need to enter the city name and the niche for which you want to fetch results; it will fetch business names, email addresses, and contact numbers from all structured and unstructured data present on World Wide Web and the two directories (Directory3018 and India LatLong). The refined results help you in generating genuine leads and boosts your sales process.

According to the company, the software reduces the time and labor cost in terms of data analysis and extraction, whilst improving the accuracy and leads that could be generated with the extracted data. This ensures effective sales for the organization. Besides being a viable solution for getting genuine leads, the software is a cost effective tool that drives enormous profit to the organization by providing leads at a cost as low as 1paisa per lead.

The software is developed from scratch by a young software developer Dheeraj Dutta, who hails from a remote corner in Delhi. He critically assessed the necessity for improving the current data extraction practices and ventured into the journey to make the lead generation process easier and accurate. Dheeraj tells about the initial hiccups in the development and testing process; the number of times he debugged the entire program, the innumerable additions into the flowchart and module development and the failure in unit testing. His sweet success story is surely drawing heads from major business sectors.

Traditionally, analysts in the field of telecommunication, market research, insurance, healthcare, real estate, financial services, and others have lacked an effective way of melding the structured and unstructured data from the internet of any specific geolocation into coherent listing to properly access, view and analyze it all in one place. MyDataGator solves this problem by automatically extracting and categorizing the complex pool of data, enabling it to be extracted and saved into the organization’s database in excel sheets.

Moreover, MyDataGator can go beyond just extraction. Its understanding of the underlying text through Google API allows it to analyze the newly structured data, and  provide fresh and live data every time. The directories are backed up every week and updated on a daily basis.

Dheeraj is not resting his laurels yet and he is still developing and thinking up ways to include more directories and increase the data to accelerate the productivity of sales. The software has garnered excellent reviews from almost every business platform and challenges to give 1 million in cash to anyone who proves them and their data wrong.

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