Camera thinner than hair – India and Bangladesh engineers come together!

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Are you kidding me?


You get a phone, you flip it to see the camera – no matter how good a camera performs, it is always annoying to see the camera bulge out of the back even when the phone is lying flat on the surface. It could be a thing of the past, as engineers from India and Bangladesh have teamed up to come up with an extremely flat lens.
The Engineers at the University of Utah have come up with an extremely thin camera lens which could well result in a flat smartphone back, much like what the demands are currently. The glass is flat as opposed to conventional curved lenses.

Now, in a conventional lens, light is captured off the object and bent before it reaches the sensor. In this new lens, however, there are microstructures which instead directly bend the light at the sensor.

The researchers have come up with a new fabrication process with the help of a new kind of polymer and algorithms which will help the geometry of these microstructures. As per Monjurul Meem, who is one of the co-authors of the paper and an electrical and computer engineering grad student at University of Utah, “our lens is a hundred times lighter and a thousand times thinner, but the performance can be as good as conventional lenses.”

Rajesh Menon, who is also one of the researchers on the team, said, “You can think of these microstructures as very small pixels of a lens. They’re not a lens by themselves but all working together to act as a lens.”
This lens will not only be equipped on smartphones but also on light-weight military drones, owing to the fact that thermal imaging cameras to look for heat signatures. Also, the lighter weight will help them fly longer distances and it will also not be required to be charged frequently. It will also be convenient for soldiers to carry them in their backpack as there will not be too much weight to carry around.
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