Galaxy Note 10 Exclusive – Details inside, not quite setting the stage on fire

This could well be a dampener for folks waiting for the new Galaxy Note 10, as well-known Samsung insider Ice Universe has revealed on Twitter that the new model might not be the game-changer people are expecting it to be. Also, he revealed that there are several changes which might not be the crowd favourite.
Ice also says that the Galaxy A series could be the model which users might find more in tune with “radical innovation” (understandable) as compared to the Galaxy Note 10 which will more in tune with folks looking at stability and maturity. It comes with a design which is a crossover between the Galaxy Note 9 and the punch-hole Galaxy S10.
He explained it further by saying that the positioning of the two cameras on Galaxy Note 10 is not quite well thought out and it could have been better.
Speaking more about the drawbacks with the model, Ice says that the Galaxy Note 10 will not have any new camera hardware and that it simply recycles and reuses the Galaxy S10 optics, which in itself, were far behind as compared to Huawei’s P30 Pro, Google’s Pixel 3 and the $400 Pixel 3a).
However, not everything is to be frowned at. There are a few positives and Ice does speak on them too. He confirms that the Galaxy Note 10 will come with a next-gen UFS 3.0 storage, the speed of which will be twice as quick as the storage present in the Galaxy S10.
He also added that there are an improved fast charging and a far-better RAM which should make the phone quite smooth to operate on. All in all, this Galaxy Note 10, for its few blemishes, is still one of Samsung’s most complete smartphone of the year. However, for such a bumper release, the company is not quite as enthused.

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