Google Pixel 4 tweets out early preview: Here are the four important elements of the handset

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the new Pixel 4 phone and even Google gave away a lot of information with its latest Tweet about the same. We try to decipher the information and break it down into different parts:

Square camera module
The phone will be rolled out with a square camera module – which is very similar to Apple’s iPhone 11 aka iPhone 2019. These square camera modules are not new and there is a similar set up in Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro.

More camera sensors, obviously
This is one of the few phones which have a single camera on the back. There is only a single camera, but then it is rated among the best in the business. If the official teaser is anything to go by, the camera will have as many as three sensors on the back. Also, Google might just opt for a combination of the main sensor and depth sensor.

No rear fingerprint sensor
We might not yet know the location of the fingerprint sensor, but one thing is quite clear that Google is taking it away from the back panel. It could be embedded in the screen like OnePlus 7 or on the side like the recent Samsung Galaxy phones, but definitely not on the back.

Normal design, finally
The different appearance of the Google Pixel phones in the past, which was a combination of a glossy panel on the top and a matte-finish panel at the bottom, could be done away with when Pixel 4 is rolled out and this will thus make this handset pretty much similar to what the competition has to offer.

All the information can only be deciphered from a Tweet and we can only break down stuff from the picture which surfaced.

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