Google’s new social network in the offing – Interesting new feature available

The platform called ‘shoelace’ will apparently protect the privacy of its users

Google is planning to give a shot to building another social networking platform. Google’s in-house team for experimental products, The Area 120 unit, has developed a new social networking platform which is called Shoelace. This app will have the sole focus on helping people engage in real life.

The algorithm will be based on match-making apps and it will also encourage users to connect with shared interests through in-person activities. As an example, if a person has moved to a new city and is looking at building a new friend-circle, they can avail the services of Shoelace.

Google is also going the extra mile in order to address all the privacy concerns. “After installing the app, we ask each user to join a community– which often require verification– to ensure you only attend Loops with people you might want to know. We also work hard to make sure that everything you see in Shoelace- from profiles to Loops- is aligned with our House Rules and community standards. Think we missed something? Report a Loop or profile and we’ll work hard to fix the situation,” said the company on its website.

As of now, Shoelace is available in the United States and operates through an invite-only basis. The application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. However, users need to have a Google account to join the platform.

This is another bid to revive the social media network and it comes months after Google+ had to be shut down over serious bugs and extremely poor user engagement. As per Google, the engineers found it extremely tough to develop and maintain the APIs. Also, the platform had suffered a major security breach last year which impacted almost 52.5 million Google+ accounts.

Also, there was another social media platform called Buzz which was launched prior to Google+, but it too was discontinued as Google shifted focus to Google+.

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