Why good Society Management Apps are Important for Residents

  1. In about 97% of rape and molestation and burglary cases filed, the accused was known to the victim. Hence, the details of day-to-day entry and exits are monitored or tracked to ensure protection.
  2. Gated complexes create false sense of security that leads residents to lower their guards.
  3. It is easier for intruders to get past security processes either by manipulating information or by piggybacking on another visitor or a vehicle.
  4. Detailed updation of the visitors entering the premises with 100% reliable ANPRS.
  5. The unskilled guards are also made to run errands and other work of the residents which is clearly a signal for potential offenders that security at the entry points of the gated apartments can be easily breached.
  6. Take care of your bills and society related finances, so that you don’t have to worry.