4 Google Chrome extensions you should have

Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome, which is one of the most used internet browsers, allows users to add extensions on the browser which a person can add from the Chrome store. These extensions can assist the user in a variety of things and this ranges from keeping a check on typos and grammatical errors to tracking emails as well as general content.


When days when the speed of your internet connection is extremely jittery, this feature can come in very handy. There is a ‘Go’ button on the ‘Speedtest’ which can check the speed of the internet connection in less than 30 seconds.


While browsing the internet, there are big concerns over the security. Your data can be stolen or hacked into at any time, and hence, it might not be too easy to know which websites are secure. HTTPS Everywhere solves this problem as it the user to switch any website from the default “http” to “https”, which essentially means that all websites automatically get encrypted and in the process, become more secure.


If you are into a lot of writing and typing, this will prove to be the best extensions as it takes care of typos or grammar mistakes. If the brand claims are anything to go by, more than 20 million people around the world use it already.

It is powered by artificial intelligence and they are constantly researching natural language processing (NLP) to churn out better results.


Are you someone who has a lot of accounts and struggle to remember all the passwords? This extension comes as a boon for precisely you as it manages and auto-fills the passwords for all the accounts that the user saves with the extension. It also helps remembering different passwords for different accounts. All one has to do is the remember one password – just remember the LastPass password.

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