‘All Points’ Announces Expansion To Support NASA’s Moon and Mars Missions


This week ‘All Points’ announced a brand new Software Center for Innovation and Technical Excellence based out of Titusville, known as Software CITE. This new center of All Points is a 16,000 square foot computing infrastructure suitable for 100 personnel. This center is located just two kilometers from the main entrance of the Kennedy Space Center of NASA on the State Road 45 in Florida. The location and design of the new center was selected to accommodate technical work required for future launches of NASA and SpaceX from Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

All Points CEO, Phil Monkress said that the new software center can be called a logical extension of the Orion crew vehicle software development services they have been providing to Lockheed Martin for the past seven years. Further adding up Phil said, “It is needed to be agile to keep up with rapidly evolving needs of Spacecraft technologies”.

All Points stated that the company needed to expand its infrastructure to support NASA’s Artemis efforts which involves returning to the moon and manned mission to Mars. The company also plans to stay in pace with the rapidly evolving needs of rocket science technologies. To do so, the company has partnered with Slade Kerner of Crafting Education Academy Inc., who is mentoring junior and high school kids in programming skills, to build the talented workforce required to keep pace with NASA’s space programme.

Monkress also announced All Points’ new Mars Suite™ cyber product, which focuses on protecting software-intensive systems for NASA’s Moon and Mars missions. The Mars Suite™ is under product evaluation at NASA’s Space Flight Center in Alabama. All Points is working with innovative space companies to support NASA’s plan to return American astronauts to the Moon and take them further to Mars.

At KSC, and NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility, Boeing and All Points are building Space Launch System, SLS, claimed to be the most powerful rocket ever, which is going to take astronauts to the Moon and further to Mars. All Points is also working with Lockheed Martin in designing, developing and testing of software needed for Orion capsule. The SLS, world’s only exploration class spacecraft and rocket system will keep the U.S. leading in space race well into the 21st century.


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