Amazon Echo Show now supports Netflix in India – Details

Amazon Echo

The number of users that have started relying on Echo Show devices in order to watch content on streaming services. And now Amazon has announced that Netflix will also be supported on the smart speaker. The device will be launched with support for Prime Video, which is Amazon’s own streaming service. 

The Netflix support feature was introduced in United Status back in September and it is now being made available in India as well. The only other service that will be supported on the device is Hulu – however, this is only limited to the US. 

With this, customers will be able to gain access to the Netflix library of content. All the Netflix feature on the Echo Show speaker will extend support to the ability to search, browse, pause, resume and stream all the movies and TV show on the service. 

Hence, Netflix Originals that include Queen’s Gambit, Punisher, Ozark and others will now be available on the smart speaker. 

As such, users will be able to rely on Alexa if they want to search and look for their movies and TV shows. Customers will also be able to browse for what they wish to watch by just asking Alexa to show them the content. Hence, they can just instruct Alexa if they want to watch any particular show on Netflix. 

If the users have to get started, they have to say, “Alexa, open Netflix” and then login to their profile on the service.

Amazon has also added several new features which will make it easier for the user to search for the content that they want to see on the Echo Show. The company rolled out a new video home page to offer customised recommendations. All the users have to say: “Alexa, open video home” to access this page. This page will have more information on the selected series or movie at a glance.

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