Amazon introduces major new update for Alexa – Find out more


A helpful update for people with hearing and vision impairment

Alexa by Amazon is getting smarter by the day. In a recent update, Amazon has introduced a new functionality on to its virtual assistant Amazon Alexa which will now allow the users to tweak and modify the speed at which Alexa speaks with them.

What this update essentially means is that Alexa users will now be able to ask the virtual assistant, which powers Amazon’s Echo range of smart speakers and the several other third-party devices, to either speak fast or go slow depending on the preference of the user. This will be very helpful to people with hearing disability or for those who are blind.

“Some of our hard of hearing and older customers shared how they love talking to Alexa and how she has become a companion but sometimes they would like her to slow down so they can better understand her responses. On the other hand, some of our customers who are blind or low vision are used to consuming audio content and want to be able to listen more quickly,” Sarah Caplener, head of Alexa for Everyone informed in a statement.

As things stand right now, Amazon has initiated a total of seven settings at which the users can set Alexa’s speech rate. Two are below Alexa’s default settings while four of these updates are above the default speed.

How do we, hence, adjust this speech rate?

It is a pretty simple process – one has to simply say – “Alexa, speak slower” in order to decrease the rate. Also, in order to increase the preferred pace, say: “Alexa, speak faster”. Now, if you want to go back to the default setting, all you have to say is: “Alexa, speak at your default rate.”

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