Android 12 could come with ‘app hibernation’ feature

app hibernation

Manufacturers are updating their devices to Android 11, which was launched last September. Google is already looking at preparing for Android 12 for its release later this year and now, there will be new features that will begin to appear online. 

As per reports, there will be code changes which have been made to Android Open Source Project (AOSP) Gerrit (which lists out all the new changes being made to the Android project in real-time) and there could be a new service that manages app hibernation state. This is a state where apps can enter a dormant state when they are not being actively used and then be optimized for storage.

According to XDA Developers, who was the first to spot the changes on the AOSP Gerrit, there are no further details about the change – whether it can be configured by a user or is determined automatically. With this users, will be able to manually select apps for hibernation, or whether there will be an indication of whether an app has actually gone into hibernation. 

It needs to be mentioned here that Samsung already has a feature that will be called Sleeping Apps and Deep Seeping Apps. The latter feature disables applications, but it also keeps their shortcuts in the app launcher. 

If we look at the ‘App Info’ for a Deep Sleeping app shows a ‘manually disabled’ label under the app name. Now, with Google’s solution will probably allow for a deeper OS-level hibernation of an app and this combination will be more effective. 

As per last year’s schedule, there will be an Android 12 Developer Preview should be available for Pixel users sometime around February. For now, there is no guarantee that the code changes have already have been submitted and when will it actually make it to the final release. 

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