Annoyed with browser notifications? Microsoft may have a fix 


Browser Notifications

One of the greatest ways to stay up to speed with updates is to get browser notifications, but quite often they can become extremely annoying as frequent interruptions tend to be very distracting. Owing to this, Microsoft has devised a fix for this on its Edge browser and it might be a relief for Windows users.

Microsoft is introducing the ‘Quiet notification requests’ for the Chromium-based Edge browser version 84.

Now, this feature is actually quite helpful. Although, it does not block site notification requests, but it will make them all appear under a bell icon with the label “Notifications blocked” in the address bar.

Explaining about the same in a blog post, Microsoft said that this feature had been introduced to reduce the “prominence of notification requests” and thus, the user can focus on the task at hand instead of being distracted by these notifications.

At the same time, since all the notifications are clubbed under one single icon, users will be able to check them whenever they want and never miss out on any important notification.

This is pretty much Microsoft’s version of the pop-up blocker. Chrome already has a feature which blocks out the pop-up window while notifying the user discreetly. For Chrome too, if a user wants to check a notification, they can always do so by clicking on the bell icon. Also, there is an option which allows notifications from a particular site while it blocks the notifications from the other sites.

This new feature is enabled by default for all Microsoft Edge users and if you want to see the notifications to show up, one can head over to the Settings in order to configure it.

Microsoft has already informed that they opted to turn on this setting by default due to high volumes of user feedback about unwanted notification subscriptions. With this new update, the company hopes that the quiet notification requests will help reduce unintentional subscriptions..

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