Apple may introduce a MagSafe battery pack for iPhones soon

MagSafe battery pack for iPhones

Apple has rolled out the MagSafe tech and charger alongside the iPhone 12 series last year. And now, as per reports, they are adding one additional accessory to that line. This will be a battery pack for iPhones. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is also working on a new MagSafe battery pack and might launch it soon. 

The MagSafe battery pack will allow iPhone users to carry the battery pack with them with ease. And, since this MagSafe magnets can easily align with the charger pack on the back of the phone, it is hassle-free charging as well. 

Sources have also said Bloomberg that the “prototypes of the battery pack a white rubber exterior”. However, Apple has not made the accessory public yet and we are all waiting to see if they will be using the same material is did on its official charging cases. 

And there is no official word in how this battery pack can be charged but it is possible that it might juice up with a MagSafe charger like the iPhones. 

Reports go on to suggest that this charging pack did reveal a number of issues when it was put to the test internally. Now, while the magnets might be strong enough to hold its own weight, software issues related to the charger might cause delays and if things don’t work out, we could well see this idea be expunged entirely. 

Bloomberg also said that this iPhone was improperly triggering a warning that that pack was overheating. There was another issue that had to deal with using the pack to charge an iPhone interchangeably, with or without a case. 

It needs to be mentioned here that Apple’s AirPower Charging Mat was announced in 2017, but it could never make it to the market and eventually, had to be scrapped owing to overheating of the charging coils. 

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