Apple Watch app that can help treat PTSD-related nightmares gets FDA clearance

Apple Watch

An Apple Watch is capable of doing a whole number of things and one of the latest addition might be way to counter the nightmare-related sleep issues. The FDA has given a green signal for the sale of NightWare, which is an Apple Watch app that comes with a corresponding iPhone element and will be able to nightmares stemming from psychological disorders that include PTSD, as per several reports. 

The app uses smartwatch motion sensors as well as heart rate data which will be able to detect whether or not you have not nightmare and makes the Apple Watch vibrate in response. Now, what this does do is that it will arouse the user and will be able to interrupt the bad dreams even when they are sleeping. 

The NightWare app can only be availed by prescription-only and the company has stressed on the fact that this is not a standalone treatment. This app is part of a larger strategy and this includes medication as well. The company has warned against trying this ‘therapy’ out if you “act out” your dreams during sleep.

If you check the NightWare app page right now, you will see that they will be conducting tests where you can volunteer to be a part of after you respond to a detailed survey.

Now, there is “no guarantee” the app will work though the FDA has already said that there will be study done on a control group showed better sleep quality with the NightWare app which will be involved than not. The app will be at a low risk and it might prove to be useful if existing treatments are not enough.

What this will do is that it paves a way for the future of smartwatches that don’t just track sleep and heart rate.

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