Beware! This Netflix documentary will tell you why using Facebook is a huge privacy risk

Do you know that data surpassed oil to become the most valuable commodity in the world? Yes, this happened just last year. Now, the data that we generate as users of social media, when we search for information on Google, post our pictures on Instagram, share our views on Facebook, and even edit our pictures on FaceApp, this data is permanently stored on the internet and reveals so much about our personalities which maybe even we don’t know about.

The latest Netflix documentary – Great Hack – has sent shockwaves across the world as it portrays the entire story behind the infamous Cambridge Analytics scandal which led to a revelation that personal data of millions of people across the United States was used to manipulate their choices during the US Presidential elections.

The documentary had to face immense pressure as the authorities wanted it banned but it was released on the streaming platform last week. It highlights the extent of the whole problem and raises a number of potent questions as we move into a new era where the whole world will be connected through the internet.

In this era, will our personal data – which we agree to share with almost every platform without even reading the unbearably long list of terms and conditions – be used against us by the huge corporations and political behemoths?

If yes, then doesn’t it mean that the whole idea of democracy and free will is threatened? If the politicians can influence our thoughts by just throwing away money and accessing our personal data then how are we supposed to fight for our rights and choose our governments carefully?

The documentary takes a deeper look into the whole Brexit and US elections controversy and the central role played by Cambridge Analytica – a data mining firm which used user’s data to determine their choices and then identified those voters who could be manipulated to vote for their client.

The Cambridge Analytica controversy had dealt a major blow to Facebook’s image as a social media platform that cares about its users’ privacy. So much that its shares plunged drastically with the company losing millions of dollars within a short span of time. The Cambridge Analytica scandal was covered in media across the world. To minimize the damage, Mark Zuckerberg had to make a public statement assuring the users’ that their data was safe and apologized for the leak.

So, if you are a social media user and are worried about your privacy, you should definitely watch The Great Hack on Netflix. Follow us to get more interesting recommendations.

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