Building smart phone without US tech is impossible – Here’s the big reason

Over the last few weeks, Huawei has found itself on a slippery slope – it is caught in the crossfire of the US-China trade war. Now, all the US firms have been barred from trading with Huawei, which means that the Chinese conglomerate might face an existential crisis: they are simply incapable of assembling a handset right from scratch.
This has left Huawei, which is the second biggest smartphone brand, in a precarious situation as to build a phone from absolutely nothing is a huge task and it becomes practically impossible if there is a gag on procuring components from the United States.
Not only Huawei, but it is also impossible for all the other companies to get things rolling without any American support. From tiny processors to the complex operating system, technology from the US plays a pivotal role in making of smart phones.
“Our dependency on US technology firms is very high. Unlike the West, Asian and Indian companies haven’t been able to venture into this and related segments. Essentially, Asian firms may have excelled in manufacturing and hardware, but not so much when it comes to actually designing of hardware,” Faisal Kawoosa, founder and analyst at research firm TechArc was quoted by Hindustan Times.
“For instance, India has one of the best space researches and an excellent record of building satellites, but the country doesn’t have the expertise to build processors. Even if these are locally developed, the industry standards set by the likes of Intel and others make them look redundant. From an achievement point of view, it makes sense. But you can’t expect a commercial implementation of these locally produced chips in the future,” he further added.
In many ways, this situation with Huawei can be a wakeup call for several brands all around the world. It also provides a level playing field for everyone as they can now invest more in IPs to be more self-serving in the future.

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