Chrome 88 to bring video tutorials, search tab, and more

Chrome 88

Google is now directing all its attention to its next iteration, v88, is now on the Beta channel. Along expected lines, Google Chrome 88 beta has several new features. A number of these features have already been discussed. 

It is expected to come with a new flag which is called #video-tutorials, reports AndroidPolice. As can be implied from the name, this feature will bring in a card for tutorial videos on the new tab page. Also, the tutorial videos will allow users to learn basic things about the browser and how to effectively use them. It will also have a share icon which will help users share videos with their family and friends. 

There is another new feature which will be called search tabs. On the desktop, the browser will have a new drop-down button to search for tabs. The users will be able to access the tab search button through a keyboard shortcut – CTRL+Shift+A.

Also, there is going to be screenshot support for incognito mode and this will also be a part of the new Chrome 88. As per the report, the #incognito-screenshot flag in the beta will allow users to take screenshots in the incognito mode on the browser. However, you will need to enable this feature. 

“Google’s Legacy Browser Support extension, which allowed IT managers to set rules for opening other browsers automatically when certain pages are loaded, is no longer supported as of Chrome 88. Most of the extension’s functionality is now built into Chrome directly,” the report says. 

There are several other changes which are there on the darker scrollbars and form elements once the dark mode is enabled. Also, there is a new #permission-predictions flag helps switch to a less-intrusive interface for page permissions.

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