Coronavirus: Google CEO announces slew of efforts made by Youtube, Search and other teams for end-users

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With the ever-rising concerns and growing cases owing to COVID-19 (coronavirus) on a global level, Google has announced a slew of steps which will make people more aware about it. The announcement comes straight from the CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet, Sundar Pichai via a blog post.

He also spoke about the number of measures which Google is taking and there are steps which Google’s Maps, YouTube, Search and other teams are taking in order to keep them updated with the latest information as well as related videos and will also help eliminate fake news around COVID-19.

SOS Alert

Sundar Pichai has informed that Google’s SOS Alert in Search will furnish updated information on coronavirus which will also come with safety tips and latest news directly from the World Health Organisation. Google will also be expanding its Knowledge Panels for health conditions to include a COVID-19 panel.


Pichai also added that YouTube will be using its homepage which will direct users to WHO or local authoritative organisations. It will also be donating ad inventory to governments as well as to NGOs in the regions which are reeling under its influence. The firm is also expunging any content which claims it will prevent coronavirus in place of seeking medical treatment.

Google ads

Pichai has also informed that Google is also blocking all the ads which look to exploit coronavirus. The firm has already blocked thousands of ads over the few weeks. “We are also helping WHO and government organizations run PSA ads,” Pichai added.

Free Hangouts Meet video-conferencing

Google has already started introducing the free access to advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing ability to all the G Suite and G Suite for Education customers. This will continue till July 1 this year.

Pichai has informed that few offices of Google have shifted to a work-from-home status so the employees stay safe and it doesn’t impact the business as well.

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