Covid-19: Great news for healthcare workers – Researchers develop smart dustbins for contactless garbage disposal

Covid-19 smart dustbins for contactless disposal

The world is in a state of lockdown owing to the Covid-19 pandemic and yet, healthcare workers are on the frontline battling it out, doing a great service to humanity. While others are isolated in the comfort of their homes, healthcare professionals are aiding the Covid-19 patients as they recover.

In what can be a revolutionary development, researchers have developed a smart dustbin which is primarily aimed at helping these frontline workers to dispose of medical waste  – all done in a contactless manner.

Researchers from the Lovely Professional University, Punjab have devised a smart dustbin called Ally which follows voice commands and moves on predefined paths in order to collect, collate and then dispose garbage in a completely contactless manner.

The 3-feet tall and 1.5-feet-wide Ally comes equipped with a sensory system which checks the status of the bin and then goes on to initiate disposal procedure when it is completely filled up to a predefined point.

It has to be noted here that Ally functions autonomously and hence, it will dispose the garbage at the disposal centre and then immediately can be used all over again.

All the frontline workers have to do is say “Ally, come to bed number 8.” After this, it opens the flip of the bin so that medical waste can be placed inside it. It then goes back to the preset position once it has collected the garbage.

“In the current situation, a smart dustbin can play a crucial role in collecting waste and leftovers, especially from sensitive areas like quarantined rooms, where appointing a human worker for waste collection and disposal may expose them to infection,” Lovi Raj Gupta, Executive Dean of Science and Technology, LPU said in a statement to PTI.

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