Don’t search these 5 things on Google in order to be safe


Such has been the influence of Google on our daily lives that we punch in all the stipulated keywords in order to get the results we want. However, often we are also misled into landing on different pages which are not entirely safe and often can also extract all sorts of personal information from us.

Here in this article, we take a look at 5 most common things one should avoid searching on Google.

#1 Bank’s online banking websites

We strongly advise you not to do a Google search to find your bank’s online banking website unless you know the official URL. Instead, always, punch in the official URL of your bank’s online banking portal to access site and stay safe. This is one sure way of staying away from hackers who use several phishing tools and once you enter your credentials, it can well be frisked away from you.

#2 Never search apps and software

Yes, we know you love apps, you find different ways to download all sorts of stuff, but well, always search for apps on official app stores like Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhones. We say that you should not search apps on Google as it could lead you to fake installations with malware content.

#3 Never search for medicines or medical symptoms

Lying down on the bed? Too sick to move around and go see a doctor? Instead, you type in a few words and look up the symptoms and cure of the disease on Google – well, we have all done it, and we all want to do it. But it is not the right way to go about things. Very often, merely by punching in keywords, we are misled and there are a lot of hoax sites dishing out fake remedies and medicines which can cause serious complications.

#4 Government websites

Hackers all across the world love to target Government websites and hence, we say never search for them on Google. Instead, type the specific URL and land on the stipulated page and be safe at all times.

#5 Social media

Phishing takes place a lot when we look for popular social media accounts on Google and hence, it is always advisable to type the exact URL and head across to the correct page and be safe.

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