Facebook is spying on you: Edward Snowden promises to explain how

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Snowden’s memoir ‘Permanent Record’ will be released on September 17

Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who made news back in 2013 for exposing the United States’ mass surveillance program, has now revealed that apart from the government, there are a number of online sites which are also spying on citizens.
Snowden in his latest Tweet said that social networking sites, which include Facebook and Instagram, are snooping on the users. Not only this, but he also went on to promise that he will explain how these websites spy on the users and will list down the methods for users to limit their access.
Snowden made this announcement on Twitter and also shared links of his new social platforms. He will now be available on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Snowden’s memoir ‘Permanent Record’ will be released on September 17. The book will detail the journey about how he helped the NSA build a surveillance system to collect information about US citizens.
“In the weeks ahead, I aim to explain how these sites spy on you, and methods to limit how much they know about you. If you use them, keep an eye out,” Snowden tweeted, also linking to his Instagram account.
As far as his book is concerned, UK publisher Macmillan said that it would see him “bringing the reader along as he helps to create this system of mass surveillance, and then experiences the crisis of conscience that led him to try to bring it down”.
Facebook is already reeling under a lot of accusations which suggest that they keep an eye on the users for a number of purposes and targeted advertising is one of the prominent reasons for the same. Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal surfaced, it has struggled to brush past the privacy infringement accusations. In the aforementioned scandal, data on millions of users was harvested for political reasons without their consent.


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