‘Far from being solved’- Facebook concedes using AI to expunge hate content not yet feasible

After the Christchurch shooting, where the shooter posted a live video of the sequence of events, there was pressure on Facebook to incorporate Artificial intelligence to apply checks and balances to the software. However, Facebook Inc.’s chief artificial intelligence scientist said that there could be some time before the company could use the software to automatically screen live video for extreme violence.
‘This problem is very far from being solved,’ LeCun said last week  during a talk at Facebook’s AI Research Lab in Paris. The social media platform came under heavy criticism for allowing the Christchurch attacker to broadcast the shootings live without adequate oversight. Also, it struggled to prevent other users from re-posting the attacker’s footage.
LeCun conceded that live streams of violence presented a number of problems for all automated systems especially when the videos are accompanied with disturbing audio and graphic nature of violence. He said that there needs to be a system put into place which will collate all the information which will then be used to train a particular AI to detect such videos.
Jerome Pesenti, Facebook’s vice president of AI, informed that the company is looking at using a combination of human reviewers and automated systems to expunge prohibited content as soon as possible. However, it was quickly added that if an automated system had never stumbled upon a particular video before, it would still require a human reviewer to manually filter through the content.
There has been some progress made in this regard and Facebook has made efforts to identify and block certain sub-categories of extremist content. For instance, it is now better equipped to handle 99% of the content linked to the terrorist group al-Qaeda. But detecting and blocking all extremist content — regardless of origin — is a ‘very hard problem,’ LeCun said.

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