Google acquires a company that turns old PCs into Chromebooks


Neverware has made an announcement via an FAQ that they are now part of Google. The company, which is based in New York City, builds a software application which is called CloudReady and this software allows a PC to be converted into a system that runs Chrome OS. 

In its FAQ, Neveraware said that along with the software, the company itself is now “officially part of Google and the Chrome OS team.” 

CloudReady offers a free version for personal use. Apart from this, there is also a paid one for enterprise and education. The idea here is that companies and schools will be able to convert any slow, old laptops and computers into Chromebooks. It runs on the belief that Chrome OS is a far less demanding operating system as compared to Windows 10, especially for the older systems. 

As per Neverware’s FAQ, there will not be any visible change for the current and existing CloudReady customers in the near future. The company’s website, forums, customer support, as well as the admin portal will continue to function as before, but eventually, they will migrate over to Google’s services.

“We’re looking forward to sharing more details with all our CloudReady customers, users, and fans in the coming weeks and months,” the company said on Wednesday.

“CloudReady will continue to be available as-is, and we’re committed to supporting and maintaining existing customers.”

There are reports that predict that CloudReady will by all means become an official Chrome OS offering, using which the existing customers will be upgraded seamlessly as and when it does take place. 

The About Chromebook site says that a number of software that Neverware makes could help Google continue to push and implement Chrome OS updates to older devices. With this, the time frame in which Chromebooks will be able to receive the latest software will also be extended. 

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