Google Assistant’s Real-Time Translation Interpreter Mode Now Rolling Out to All Android, iOS Users

Interpreter, which is Google’s real-time translator, is now available on mobile. The company first rolled it out to its smart speaker and displays earlier this year and have finally followed suit for mobile.

The Interpreter is available for both Android and iOS globally. This feature will help you translate things on the move and will be of a lot of use especially when you are on the move and wanting to make sense of things.

This Interpreter will work alongside the Google Assistant. Here you can utter – “Hey Google, be my French translator,” or “Hey Google, help me speak German,” in order to get the feature into action. It will then offer you real-time translated transcript and audio.

Also available are some ‘Smart Replies’ which are already fed in and is very similar to Google’s other apps which involves any form of communication. This is aimed at taking the conversation forward.

When on Smart Display, the user will be able to see and hear the translated conversation. As of now, this feature is available in 44 languages which include Arabic, Czech, Mandarin, Norwegian.

Already, this is more than the 29 languages available on Google’s smart display and speakers. It needs to be mentioned here that Interpreter is integrated directly into the Google Assistant app and hence, one does not need to download an additional translation app.

Google is aiming to beef up the travel apps and hence, the combination of Interpreter, Map and Lens works perfectly.

There is a manual mode which gives the users more control in what can be translated and it displays two mics for each language. Also, the users can select one mic at a time following which the Assistant should translate what’s spoken.

Also, there is a keyboard mode which allows one to type what needs to be translated. When not needed, this Interpreter Mode can be switched off with another voice command, or a simple tap on the trigger button.


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