Google Chrome 76 Beta Update: Find out what’s new in the latest offering

Google Chrome 76

Now with the latest update, paywall websites will no longer be able to detect what you are browsing when you’re in the Incognito Mode

After releasing the latest Chrome 75 update, Google is now getting ready to launch its next update which will have some very important changes. The biggest talking point about Chrome 76 update is blocking the sites from tracking users when they go in incognito mode to bypass paywalls on a website.
There are a lot of publishers who have already started using Chrome’s File System API to track those who were using incognito mode. Earlier this year, The New York Times too fixed a similar loophole which was being exploited by the users.
As per a report in a Neiman lab, it was found that if a publication had a complete paywall for all articles, the incognito mode will not be an issue for the publishers. However, there is a metered setup which has a limit on the free articles, which makes the browsers’ incognito mode quite susceptible for any workaround.
Now with the latest update, these paywall websites will no longer be able to detect what you are browsing when you’re in the Incognito Mode.
Google has announced that this latest update will be rolled out on July 30, and once out, it will make it difficult to run Flash. The next update will see Flash disabled by default. However, users can enable it manually by following these steps: chrome://settings/content/flash.
The end is quite near for Adobe Flash and now with Google and other platforms offering support for HTML 5, Flash will see an end by the end of next year. Also, Adobe has stopped offering any support for Flash. One other key feature of Chrome 76 will be the ability to install progressive web apps on the desktop through a dedicated button in the Omnibox.
There is also an enhanced version of the Dark Mode and web developers have the option to program their sites automatically to flip to a darker version of the website when a user wants that.


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