Google explains how to avoid Covid-19 online scams

avoid Covid-19 online scams

At a time when internet has become one of the primary sources of information, a lot of false news and fake information have started doing the rounds. Not only this, hackers are also taking undue advantage of this unprecedented situation and are trying to dupe people through online scams.

In order to make people more aware of the situation, Google has come out listed things to do through a dedicated portal in India.

“Recently, there has been a significant rise in online scams related to COVID-19. We’re providing these tips to help you spot and avoid these scams, so you can stay safer online,” Google said in its website in a recent post.

To remain secure and be alert on these Covid-19 scams, here are some tips which will help you stay safe:

: Scammers generally use emails to phish out information, but in the recent past, hackers are also trying to reach people through SMS, automated calls as well as a number of malicious websites.

: If you have any doubt over the authentication of the information, always hop on to trusted sources of information like the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW).

: Never ever share your personal bank details with anyone as even your bank will never ask for them.

: There are a number of fundraising campaigns which have mushroomed all over, and this has given the hackers a great chance to extract their own pound of flesh. Always be careful, do your research and always donate directly to the organisations.

: Everyone should opt for a two-factor authentication. All the popular apps like Gmail, WhatsApp, Instagram do offer two-factor authentication for double security and this should be the norm.

: Stay away from any type of clickbait links and fishy URLs as these are just ways and means to dupe you.

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