Google explains how you can avoid Covid-19 related security risks

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There world is in a state of lockdown but this has not Covid-19 related scams rising all across the world, especially in the last couple of weeks. Hackers are using spam messages and phishing attacks in order to target victims and dupe them into giving up their credentials.

As per a Google report, Gmail has been blocking 18 million coronavirus-related phishing emails and billions of spam messages on a daily basis. Now, the company has rolled out a detailed report on how can protect themselves from Covid-19-related scams.

“Our machine learning models in Gmail already detect and block more than 99.9 percent of spam, phishing and malware. Our built-in security also protects you by alerting you before you enter fraudulent websites, scanning apps in Google Play before you download, and more. But we want to help you stay secure everywhere online, not just on our products, so we’re providing these simple tips, tools and resources,” Google informed in a blog post.

What should the users do:

— The very first step has to be about identifying the scams. According to Google, users should be vigilant about requests for personal information such as home addresses or bank details. The links which are malicious are often ‘imitate established websites by adding extra words or letters to them.’ Hence, one has to be vigilant about the same.

— Google also says that users should use their company’s enterprise email account for all the work-related emails. “Enterprise accounts offer additional security features that keep your company’s private information private,” the company explained.

— Not only this, Google also that users should pay special attention to details if they receive a meeting invite which says that they need to install a new video-conferencing app.

“It’s important to take immediate action on any security update prompts. These updates solve for known security vulnerabilities, which attackers are actively seeking out and exploiting,” Google added.

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