Google just paid tribute to FRIENDS 25th anniversary with an Easter egg for every lead character


Type your favourite FRIENDS character name on Google and see the magic!

For all the FRIENDS fans out there, Google has a special surprise in store. As the hit TV show celebrates its 25th anniversary, Google also joins it with Easter eggs for each of the characters.

These Easter eggs can be found on the Google Search results for all the characters. All one needs to do is to type the name of the character on Google Search and tap on the icon displayed in the information card.

Thus, for example, if you search Phoebe Buffay and tap on the guitar icon, her famous ‘Smelly Cat’ song will start playing. Also, there’s an animated smelly cat walking around the screen.

Now, if you want to hear the funny, but extremely annoying “Pivot!” by Ross, just Google Search him and tap on the couch icon. Wait, there is more – this couch actually snaps into two and then Ross goes on to say: “Ok, I don’t think it’s gonna pivot anymore.”

Matt LeBlanc’s character Joey gets the pizza icon, and when you click on it, it plays the line from the show: Joey doesn’t share food!

Finally, on searching Chandler Bing, you will see the couch icon. On clicking on this, a chick and duck will appear and we are all nostalgic about the third season of the series.

Also, you can Google the rest of the Friends character to find out what their Easter eggs are. All you need to do is to type the full name of each of the Friends character in order to make the Easter egg to work. Google also has a special glossary dedicated to words and phrases used in Friends.

Go ahead and search “Friends glossary” and you’ll see definitions of words like ‘moo point’, ‘noodle soup’, ‘woopah, and ‘on a break’.

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