Google lists how AR can help you in this lockdown

Google AR in lockdown

Well, most of us are confined to our homes for a over a month now and we understand that it can become rather morose and boring and well, like everything else, Google already knows about it and it has answers and solutions to this.

Hence, it has listed a number of ‘new’ ways through which you can make the most out of the augmented reality or the AR feature in your smartphones while you try to pass away the time on your bed, on your couch or simply standing on the balcony.

Well, with this one can simply turn your living room in to a zoo, and you, along with your kids and accomplices can check out the features as well.

The firm has also brought a number of features which allows on to record and share the AR content you are watching on your handset’s screen.

Google has come with suggestions that users cam know more about the human body by simply searching ‘skeletal system’ in Google Search and then proceeding to see it all in 3D. It also informs you about the various body parts, which is sure to keep you hooked on for some time which is always interactive.

Much in the similar way, one can also search for ‘muscular system’ and ‘circulatory system’ and get to see a lot more interactive information.

This can also be taken to availing information about cells and other tiny organisms which are not visible to the naked eye. As per Google, it has entered partnership with Visible Body in order to create AR models of animals, plants and bacteria cells.

In this AR mode, one can zoom in and learn a lot more about the nucleus, Ribosomes, Mitochondria and more. One can also search for Plant Cell, Animal Cell, Mitochondrion and much more.

“To help you quickly explore related content, we’re rolling out a new carousel format on Android, as well as a recording option to share social-worthy AR videos with friends and family,” said Google.

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