Google Meet’s new feature will allow users to raise hands virtually during meetings

Google Meet’s new feature

Google Meet has added a brand-new feature and this would let users raise hands virtually during video meetings. This video conferencing platform has added a Raise Hand button which is placed at the bottom of the screen and here, users will be able to click on the button to speak or ask a question during a meeting. Now, when you click on the button, the meeting host will see it and answer your queries accordingly.

After this feature, video meeting participants will know when you have a question or be an indication that they would like to speak by raising their hands during a meeting. In meetings which are large, this feature will help to increase participation while not disrupting the flow of the conversation and helps to prevent people from interrupting one another,” Google said in a blog.

Hence, if you want to pose questions during a meeting or you want to say something, all you have to do is to raise hands button to make yourself heard. So, it is better to notify the moderator before blurting out something in a jiffy or even interrupt the speaker. When the button is clicked, the moderators will get to know about it. So, after you are done speaking, all you have to do is to click on the same button to lower your hand. 

“When a participant raises their hand, the meeting’s moderator will see a hand icon in their video preview. If the moderator is presenting in another tab, they’ll get a sound notification when someone raises their hand. The moderator will also be able to see all raised hands in the order they were raised in the meeting participant list panel to help them address questions accordingly. The moderator can lower a specific person’s hand or lower all hands,” Google said in a blog.

In the recent past, Google has launched a number of features which includes a feature that allows a user to change his background during a video call. 

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